The Armada Abbeys Campaign

The Armada Abbeys campaign is an ongoing series of battles, loosely linked together. The below supplies a bit of an overview and narrative, and will hopefully be updated when new bits happen.

The campaign started with a surprisingly easy landing for a breakaway group of ships and soldiers from the Spanish Armada just north of Whitby. In essence, the English militia ran away. Having thus taken the port, Don Pedro and his army advanced inland, meeting up with the local militia army at Guisborough and, with the aid of some defections from the non-trained band part, overcoming the opposition.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, news of the landing alarmed James VI, who determined to advance south and assist his protestant sister and her kingdom. Not all in Scotland or on his council agreed, however, but the king brushed past the objections at Coldingham. Meanwhile, the English navy failed to prevent reinforcements, led by Don Pedro’s friend Don Carlo from landing at Whitby. They have advanced inland and made contact with Don Pedro, and been deployed at Yarm, the first inland bridge over the River Tees. Their object is to prevent the Scots from crossing and joining with the English army which is concentrating at York.

Don Carlo's men failed to stop the Scots crossing the Tees, so the Scots are positioned back at Yarm, but on the south of the river, while the English are at Thirsk. The Spanish are in Stokesley and in Northallerton.

Meanwhile, some more Spanish ships have arrived on the west coast of Ireland, hoping to provoke a rebellion against the English overlords. The Spanish intervened in a family dispute within a local clan, and have now set out an ambitious plan to conquer England.

Back in North Yorkshire, Scottish, English and Spanish light cavalry clashed at Mount Grace and the Anglo-Scottish win meant that the Spanish armies were separated by a rapidly constructed English manned fort. After some hesitation, the Scots advanced on Northallerton and defeated Don Carlos' army at the Battle of the Friarage.

Don Carlos retreated towards Don Pedro's army, but was pursued by the Scots. The main English army also arrived at Mount Grace in time to destroy Don Carlos' force; Don Pedro, advancing from Stokesley, was too late to save his friends.

Back in Ireland, Donal and Dougal and their Spanish allies advanced on the city of Limerick. An English force blocked their way and, rather to their surprise, was defeated.

Now outnumbered, Don Pedro retreated into the North Yorks Moors to try to negate his opponent's advantage in light cavalry. The Scots advanced towards Whitby via Guisborough, while the English pursued the Spanish via the hills. Don Pedro turned to fight at Kildale but was defeated by an impetuous English attack, and was forced to surrender.