The Anabasis of Alexander IV

The conceit of this campaign is that Alexander IV, the son of Alexander III and Roxane in real life, was a little older (or the empire was a little more stable) when his father (often known as 'the Great' because he slaughtered a lot of people, one way or another) and took over the Empire. Looking for somewhere to conquer he headed west as (at least Rufus reports) his father intended.

The initial naval battle, while chaotic, enabled Alexander to land a substantial army on the shores of Africa. This, of course, led to a land confrontation with the Carthaginians and their allies, which, after a fairly tough initial fight, Alexander won. Carthage submitted the next day, but Alexander determined that he had to punish the Moors, Spanish and, ultimately, Greeks who had sided with his enemies.

He, therefore, moved west and marched through the desert towards the sea in the hope of defeating the local Moorish leader, but landed up being ambushed and humiliatingly defeated just short of the harbour where he was due to meet his fleet. By negotiation (sort of) he embarked what was left of his army and retired to the Balearic Island of Ibiza, where he and his troops had some rest and recuperation, partying on the beaches.

Meanwhile, other bits of the Empire started to fray and fragment. In the far east, an Indian kingdom declared independence and had a good go at suborning the local Macedonian officials, after a bit of a tussle.

Roxane, Alexander IV's mum, raised a bunch of reinforcements and attempted to send them through to young Alex, still holed up on Ibiza. The Spaniards, having a dim view of being invaded, intercepted and defeated the armada, leaving Alex with a major problem of his next move.

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