The Citrus Campaign

 In the 1590s, three young, bored Samuari launch a private invasion of Korea, separate from the official one led by their schoolmate and enemy Lord 'Tango' Tangerine. Lord 'Clemmy' Clementine, Lord 'Mandy' Mandarin and Lord 'Sally' Satsuma plan to land their armies near the Korean port of Eppeid and carve out new fiefs for themselves.

Sally landed first and had a hard fight gaining a foothold at Eppeid itself. By evening he had managed to gain a toehold in the port, but little more. Clemmy marched south from his landing place on the open beach to rescue him from the original Korean defenders and a Chinese-Korean relieving force

Meanwhile, Mandy, having landed unopposed, had to fight his way through a Korean rearguard to arrive with his friends at Neac.

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