The Reconquista

This is a narrative campaign set in the early 1480s as the Castilian army under King Ferdinand tries to take advantage of a surprise capture of a castle in the middle of the Nasrid kingdom.

The castle was captured by surprise (or a set of freakish dice rolls, if you want to be pedantic), but was then besieged by the Nasrid forces. King Ferdinand was persuaded by Queen Isabella to march to the castle's relief and managed to break through the Nasrid army a day's march from it.

King Ferdinand pressed on and relieved Castilo Al-Hambra by routing the besiegers, and was then persuaded to press on to try to take the town. Ferdinand anticipated rushing the town, but actually, a cautious approach led to the defeat of the defending forces outside it, and the surrender of the place.

Isabella then discovered that the Barbary States were sending an ambassador to negotiate reinforcements for the Grenadine state, and sent Ferdinand to intercept him, which he did.

Ferdinand proceeded to besiege the outlying castle of Al-Arousa and, surviving punning staff, defeated the relieving army. He then defeated an army attempting to garrison Arousa town and took the place himself.

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