Saturday 19 September 2015

The Final Round-Up

This blog is starting to have as many farewells as Frank Sinatra, but here goes. The last bit of unfinished business was about some markers for recoiled but otherwise undamaged bases. Aaron came up with a good idea which has been implemented.

Slightly out of focus, I know, but you’d expect that from my camera abilities by now, and given they are only 10 mm wide by 20 mm deep I don’t think I’ve done too badly.

And here is one in action, marking an unfortunate base of Thracian peltasts down as losers. The peltasts are only unfortunate, however, to have been completed in the same batch as the markers, and so used for an example.

And now I really am going to have a rest, but I do have an idea for how to take to blog very slowly forward, so do pop back in October.


  1. I have Europe ringing in my head now, "It's the final, final, final countdown ..."

    The recoil markers work quite nicely. I'm deffo going to have to have a pop at making some similar ones.

    Looking forward to the future blog progress. Shall we see a detailed hermeneutics of wargaming from a cognitive perspective now? Perhaps taken rules set by rules set over the year?

    1. I have that old parental joke 'OK, this is the last time I'm going to tell you kids for the last time!'

      The markers were really easy and look quite effective, but are about as small as I can handle.

      As for the future, I wish I had the time to do either of those. But I dare say I'll just keep doing the same old thing.

  2. You can't keep toying with our emotions like this!

  3. Looking forward to your return (although you haven't really gone away!).

    For the Aussies amongst us, you remind me of John Farnham who did his final tour, then another last tour and then another one. Now he just tours :-)

    1. I think the release of pressure from 'what am I going to write this week?' has already had a positive effect. But I don't think I can do the same volume.

      We'll see. But it is a bit like all of those last tours: I can't really let go....