Saturday 27 August 2016

A Short Intermission

I have to say that I am suffering a bit with an eye problem, to the extent of spending an afternoon in our local ‘Eye Casualty’ department. It turned out to be quite big and busy. I was entirely unaware of its existence until earlier in the week.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that I have an eye problem, which is being treated with more drops than you can shake a stick up, which is making seeing out a bit of a problem at times. I am assured that this will pass quite quickly, but as this is being typed one-eyed, I’m not sure how easy it will be to turn out my usual article every week or two.

Thus: there will (probably) be a short intermission in broadcasts.

I’m told the maximum length of time this will last is seven weeks. At present I am in the glorious situation of being chauffeured by the estimable Mrs P and observing the world through a mist. I am still thinking about stuff, however and even, in my study, am half-way through a rules test / wargame. I have already discovered holes in the rules that you could drive a bus through.

Anyway, don’t go away, or at least check back sometime soon, but there will probably be a short intermission until I can see (and hence function) properly. There is nothing like an incident like this to remind one of how important sight is.

Meanwhile, the Estimable Mrs P. is attempting to establish who the patron saint of eyes is. Any ideas?


  1. No but he/she is probably Eye-talion. ;>]

  2. The Penguin Dictionary of Saints tells me that Saint Lucy is patron saint of the blind and those with eye trouble. She was martyred at Syracuse on Sicily, so Dick is probably right. I hope she will intercede for you and provide quick healing.

    In the meantime, and at the risk of sounding uncaring and facetious, perhaps you might consider issues of perception as a blog theme.

    Get well soon.

  3. All the best with getting it sorted. Have a gammy eye myself. Not much fun when they are playing up!


  4. Could be worse. You might be Jan Žižka, on whom there was a lot of pressure to deliver, even when completely blind.
    Best of luck in the recovery, what!

    1. Well, thank you all for your kind thoughts; I'm getting used to one-eyed typing and, in truth, the eye is beginning to improve, but can't really do sunshine (it is a bank holiday in England, so no problem there...).

      Didn't Zizka have his skin made into a drum so he could continue to terrify his enemies? A bit extreme, perhaps.

      And St Lucy seems to be doing a good job (as if a saint could do a bad one, presumably).

      As for perspective, we shall have to see (how often we use sight metaphors!). Some generals, like Marlborough and Alexander III seem to have an eye for ground and time, so as to shift troops around to get to the required point at the right time. That sort of ability is remarkable.

  5. Is the patron saint of eyes Iris?

    As for leaders, Nelson and his turning a blind eye might be a more appropriate example in the circs. ;-)

    Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    1. On emerging from the dentist, the Estimable Mrs P. was heard to say 'Shall I send Nelson in?'

      We book double appointments... I suppose it could have been worse.

      I am progressing, I think, thank you, but my eye still does not cope with bright sunshine.

  6. Get well soon, Sir! Fingers crossed for the quickest of good recoveries.