Saturday 30 April 2016

Fleet Review

Now, the proof that I can finish painting projects, at least.

Here there are hundred and fifty one ancient ships. Triremes to the fore. Penteconters are to their rear on the left, merchant ships on the right. Triremes with sails are behind them, and quinqueremes at the left back.

Another shot:

Boats are 1:3000th scale from Outpost Wargame Services, painted by my own (deeply un-)fair hand, and photographed by the same. And that is, 

I think, the sorts of number we are talking about for a decent ancient fleet.


  1. Congratulations on finishing them all.

  2. Congratulations!

    But this has reminded me to ask how the rules-writing is going...

  3. Photographs of painted miniatures on pole March? I for one am shocked! Appalled even.

  4. Why, thank you all.

    I've got another bit to add to the rules, but will try to put them on a page of their own when cooked. I have, of course, got distracted by something else at this point...

    Conrad, don't worry, photographs will not become a regular feature of the blog. But it has been done before; on the other hand the USP of the blog is that it is prose, and if there are photos, then I'm not showing off my painting skills!